Friday, July 29, 2011

Ft. Worth Adventure

A few months back our family took a little trip to Fort Worth, Texas.  Matt and I lived in Ft. Worth while he was in Seminary and we wanted our kids to experience some of our favorite Ft. Worth memories.  My aunt lives in the area so we got off cheap by staying with her!  Thanks Aunt M. and Uncle JT!

The kids loved rolling in the "city grass" while we were at Aunt Mary's and Uncle J.T.'s.  For those of you who don't know, "city grass" is grass without stickers!

The highlight of our adventure was catching up with old friends from the church we attended while in seminary.  These are the kind of friends that pick up where you left off and we left off almost 10 years ago!  It had been way too long and I loved the fellowship and fun we had that night!

The girls:  Steph, Dionne and Jana
The girls and their men!
These kids had never met but they had a blast together!  Wish we lived closer.
When Matt and I lived in Ft. Worth we didn't have children but we loved to be adventurous!  We would go to the zoo, get season passes to Six Flags, and buy $5 tickets to the Rangers Game.  It was fun! 

We took the kids for a drive through the seminary campus while daddy reminisced about "the good ole days."  

The Stockyards in Ft. Worth will transport you back to the "Wild West" and we wanted C & L to experience the daily cattle drive so we made a morning of it.  The weather was unexpectedly cool and we had to buy sweatshirts but all in all it was a fun morning.

They had a petting zoo in the stockyards and being the animal lovers that my children are we spent a while feeding the animals!

The owners pet goat that looks like a skunk!
We found many interesting things as we strolled around the stockyards.


The zoo was our next stop on the agenda.  We were amazed at the number of school buses there that were delivering children for a field trip but we enjoyed the day with them.  The animals were all out and very playful.  Claire and Levi loved the zoo!

Our favorite exhibit...the parrot house!

The Rangers Game topped off our trip the night before we headed home.  We splurged and got seats close to the field so we could get the full effect of the game! 

$1.00 hot dog night!
It was a grand adventure and many memories were made!

Monday, July 4, 2011


Last night, our church family celebrated our country's freedom as well as our freedom in Christ with a children's musical called "AmeriKids" followed by BBQ and fireworks.  The children did an exceptional job singing and performing and the food was out of this world!  We are so blessed to have the freedom to gather together and worship the One True God with other believers thanks to all the men and women who have served our country! 

Waiting for the show to begin!
Abe Lincoln
Mrs. Virginia and Texas
Levi had a speaking part and he did a great job!  We are proud of you, Levi!
Claire was Massachusetts and had a large speaking part.  This is a huge leap for Claire because she has always been so shy.  She was fabulous.  It is our privilege to see how God is growing her!
Yacky knows all the facts about America!
It's a "Yack Attack!"
Ben Franklin
A great group of AmeriKids!
Our family's best friends drove an hour to come see the perfomance and celebrate with us and we were honored to have them there! 
Claire and Ava enjoying the BBQ!
The Three Musketeers.
Our best friends.
Due to the VERY DRY conditions we had a firetruck on standby for the fireworks.  After the show, he wet the grass down to keep sparks from igniting.
Who needs a waterslide when you have a firetruck?  Our kids couldn't resist getting wet and ended the night on a high note!  You should have heard the squeals and giggles....pure delight!

Happy 4th of July!
God Bless America!