Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday Breakfast

I'm so grateful that 36 years ago today, God brought a very special man into this world!  God knew, even then, that he would be the one for me and I wasn't even born yet!  I love how God's plans are always perfect. So today, I want to wish the love of my life a Happy Birthday!

This past weekend was very busy with two performances of our Easter Musical and I didn't plan very well for his birthday celebration so Claire and Levi sprang into action to make their daddy's birthday breakfast one to remember!  Levi suggested we make pancakes and put a candle in them, but there wasn't enough time before they had to leave for school.  He then came up with the genius idea to put one in a piece of bread.  His daddy was gonna have a candle by all means!!  We whipped up his instant grits (and added some cheese to make them special) and we put that candle in a piece of bread.  The kids ushered him in for the Birthday song and wish. It might not have been a grand breakfast but the love that was put into it will always be remembered.


He's a character!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!