Saturday, April 21, 2012

He is Risen

He is risen indeed!  Our Easter celebrations have come and gone but Jesus is alive and well and we continue to celebrate Him everyday!  
Miss. Mary Gore, our Toledo Bend Ministry Missionary, came to our annual Spring Fling and shared the resurrection story with the children using the Resurrection Eggs.  She also brought balloons and made balloon animals, swords, name it and she made it.
The children love Miss Mary and she loves them!

Following the Resurrection story, the children participated in an Easter Egg Hunt and Scavenger Hunt.  
Claire's team on the run looking for the dedication plaque at the church.
Our silly music minister and one of our crazy choir members. 
My sweet family
After the Spring Fling, our family went to celebrate with the Endris' and enjoyed an afternoon in the park with our cousins.
Easter morning, we woke up to treasures in our Easter Basket and our dog, Lucy even had a surprise!
Lucy loved her stuffed monkey!
Dressing up in our Easter "best" is a tradition that we look forward to and have many pictures to document the occasion.
Notice the thumbs up from Levi...we never know what he's going to do!
Flowering the cross
Family is such a vital part of our lives and we enjoyed eating lunch at my uncle and aunt's home and visiting with our loved one.
My mom and grandmother
I love the Jasmine covered arch that welcomes you to their home.
We have made memories this Easter and look forward to many more!

**Sorry for the picture overload!


  1. So sweet- I must have a pic of Claire and Levi by the white chair! Love you all!
    Miss Momie

  2. Thank for sharing with us. What great photos!

  3. enjoyed seeing all the pictures ~ such a sweet family and who couldn't love Miss Mary, she is full of life!