Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thrills and Squeals!

OK....from now on I'm not ending my posts with tomorrow because that inevitably becomes next week!

After attending the Smokies baseball game, we cleaned up and headed to a show.  The show of choice was The Comedy Barn.  It is know as an award winning family comedy variety show in the Smoky Mountains! 
We enjoyed laughing together and the kids enjoyed being a part of the action.  Both Claire and Levi were asked to participate in the dog show which takes place at the very beginning

Dancing the night away!

We would recommend The Comedy Barn to anyone looking for some family fun.
Day 2 of our vacation was spent at the family friendly theme park known as Dollywood!

The park reminded us of another theme park known as Silver Dollar City.  You are transported back to the "Good Ole Days" with country music, overalls, bonnets with long dresses, and down home country cookin'!  Everyone working at Dollywood makes you feel right at home!

Dollywood has a nice selection of roller coasters and Matt and I rode them all.   Our favorite was the newest roller coaster that opened the month before our trip, called The Wild Eagle.  This roller coaster was smooth as glass and gave us the feeling of soaring high above the Smoky Mountains!  We loved it so much that we rode it twice.  We tried to convince the children to ride roller coasters but they were both nervous.  They did enjoy spending time in the children's area.   Now, this next picture I am not proud of but had to buy because it is classic and a ride we will never forget.  Matt and I FINALLY convinced Claire to ride a roller coaster.  It was called Mystery Mine.  Every roller coaster we had ever ridden with "mine" in the name was very mild.  Not so for the Mystery Mine.  Claire was very nervous as we approached the loading dock and the man strapping us in confirmed that this was NOT a scary ride.  Claire started crying before we ever started moving and it wasn't long before I started!  This roller coaster was the WORST one in the park.  It went straight up in the air very slowly before catapulting us into an upside down loop.  The picture that follows was right after fire shot in our face before exiting the building!  Claire is panic stricken and if you can't tell.... her knuckles are white.  When we exited the ride she felt like throwing up and I did too because I am the one who convinced her to ride! I hope she is not scarred for life!
Matt looks a little dazed too!
She was proud of herself for riding and even happier to report it to her BFF who we ran into at Dollywood.

After a long day in the park, we rode the Dollywood Express.  The rocking of the train almost put us to sleep!

Next stop....Ripley's Aquarium and Wonderworks!

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  1. So fun! Thanks for letting us tag along through your blog :)