Thursday, November 3, 2011

Before and After

As promised, here are the before and after pics of our house renovations.  I am extremely pleased with the outcome and blessed that I am able to enjoy these updates to the house considering I live in the church parsonage.  It was a lengthy process but well worth the chaos and clutter that my family experienced.  Now, I just have to get everything dusted and's a work in process.  Open House will be on December 4th and I hope to be finished by then! :)

AFTER - The cabinet above the bar was removed, all the cabinet and drawer fronts replaced and new granite countertops put on.  We also have new paint on the walls.  I LOVE the new, warm, look and feel!

AFTER - All new appliances, backsplash, and floors!
Master Bath...BEFORE
IN PROCESS...notice the wall paper that was original to the house.  It screams 80's!
AFTER - there is still some paint touch up that will take place soon.
CHOAS and CLUTTER during the renovation!  This is still a work in process.
Living Room BEFORE the walls were painted.
AFTER the walls were painted.

Heading to Canton, TX to shop and hopefully bring home some new home decor!  
Can't wait to shop til' I drop!

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  1. Love the pictures and the blessing you've received! I had no idea you guys were living in the middle of it, huh? Hope your trip to Canton is a success!!! Can't wait to see more pictures! Love you!!! Aunt Sharon