Thursday, November 3, 2011

Red Ribbon Week

Last week was Red Ribbon Week for our parish.  We paid $5 in order to "dress down" for the week and my children were eager to get up and get "dressed" each day!  What a change!  Hopefully, the lessons learned about being "Drug Free" will stick with them for life.

Day 1 - Crazy Hair Day

Day 2 - Team Jerseys

Day 3 - 70's Day  (Levi wore shorts and a t-shirt because that's what his daddy wore in the 70's)

Day 4 - Crazy Outfit Day
Day 4 - Levi dressed in his Mario costume for Crazy Outfit day!  This is their costumes for our Fall Festival at church.
Day 5 was Pajama Day and I fell off the bandwagon and forgot to take a picture!

Anyway, Drug Free is the Way to BE!!

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