Saturday, December 10, 2011

Annual Christmas Tradition

Our annual Christmas tradition is one of our family's most anticipated events of the Christmas season.  We meet with our best friends in Natchitoches, La., The City of Lights, to celebrate together!  This year posed a problem due to our extremely busy schedule for December.  Every Saturday in December was filled with weddings and Christmas parties so we had to solve this problem by meeting in November.  Thankfully, the lights and fireworks start the weekend before Thanksgiving so we met the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  The weather tried to pose another problem this year as it rained ALL DAY on Saturday but we didn't let it dampen our spirits and forged ahead anyway.  There were not near as many people as in the past and we almost had our own private fireworks display.  It will definitely be a year to remember!

 We started by opening gifts!

Judy Moody books....

and a mood ring.

An earring holder...

and a gift card.

Just what he asked for!

A Doctor Drill and Fill...he wants to be a dentist one day!
...and a gift card.

Our annual family photo shoot....this ends up being quite an adventure!

Ava cracks me up with her funny faces!

 Of course, the kids are taking these photos so I couldn't leave the next one out....

My her to pieces!

Our precious children!
Our restaurant of choice.

Crab St. Denis...YUMMY!

Apple Dumplin...or what's left of it!
Sin Bar disappeared before I could get a picture!
Due to the rain, I didn't take pictures of the lights or fireworks but they were delightful!  Regretfully, Santa wasn't in his house so we didn't get to make our requests known to him.  But never fear, we have found another Santa and met with him.  Pictures coming soon....

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  1. You sure have some good looking best friends!