Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Double Digits

My first born turned 10 on January 24th and we celebrated BIG!
I wonder where the time has gone and wonder if the next 10 years will pass as quickly?

On her actual birthday, we went to eat at the restaurant of  her choice....Cracker Barrel.  Her food of choice was chicken and dumplins.  Yep...she's a country girl!
Daddy's Pumpkin
Mama's Sweet Pea

Nana's Helper
Papa's Girl
Uncle Jarrod and Chance
Ms. Sherry and Ms. Marvine celebrated with us after the Evangelism Conference.
For her party, she wanted to invite friends to go skating.  They skated their hearts out for two and a half hours and they had lots of bruises and blisters to prove it!

Special gift from mom and dad.

Aubree was the youngest friend at her party!

 Happy 10th Birthday Claire!


  1. What an awesome celebration! I can't believe she is already 10!! Making it to the double digits is major:) love your sweet family!

  2. Happy Birthday, Claire! and congratulations, Levi! :) What a special weekend for your family! Love and miss you, Liza

  3. The next 10 years will FLY BY! Take it from one who know.