Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Good Ole Fairview Water

On Sunday, January 29th, we celebrated the ordinance of baptism at Fairview Baptist Church.  This was a special day for our family because Levi was publicly saying that he is following Christ through the symbol of baptism.  He woke up that morning nervous, but excited!  He wasn't sure if he could touch in the baptistry or how long his dad would hold him under!  

Matt always starts the baptism service by telling the congregation that there is nothing special about the water in the baptistry.  "It's just good ole Fairview water straight out of the lake."  What makes this event special is the act of obedience that is taking place.  The candidates for baptism have already made the decision to place their faith in Christ and now they are proclaiming to the world that they are following Him. 
The Bible says in Matthew 10:32, "Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven."
I am so thankful for God's salvation in my own life and the life of my entire family!  
It was truly a day of celebration and one I will always remember!
"Good Ole Fairview Water"
Great Grandma Ortego

Nana and Papa

Grammy and Pepaw

Uncle J., Aunt DD, and Zac
If you want to know more about following Jesus, check THIS out!


  1. Thanks letting Grammy and me share is this great day with Levi. It was a special service, that brought back memories of baptisims past (Matt's, Paul's and mine).

    The dinner with the DeBusks was a joy and the good was delicious!

  2. Such a special day for all of us at Fairview!

  3. What a wonderful celebration! Such a joyous day when we get to celebrate baptism with our children!!!