Monday, August 23, 2010

A New Smile

Today marked another milestone for one of our know...crawling, walking, first tooth, first words, first day of school, first lost tooth, FIRST PHASE OF BRACES.  Matt and I knew this day was coming b/c our children have inherited our teeth.  Both of us wore braces for many years and it looks like the children will follow in our footsteps.  They do things a little different now and a little earlier than when we were children.  Claire is in Phase 1 of braces.  She has four brackets on her front four teeth and the orthodontist thinks they should straighten up in 4 to 6 months...we shall see.  She already has a beautiful it will be a little straighter!




Wow!  Is it just me or does Claire look about 10 years older??  Don't know if I like this braces thing or not!


  1. Was she excited? Most of the time they want them, but once they get them, they are not as fun as they thought it would be! Hopefully she want be in any pain.

  2. She is beautiful...and looks just like you! I've been told that both of ours will need braces, too...I guess we should start saving our pennies now! :) Love you!

  3. Thanks, Mary! Saving pennies is a must! This Phase 1 is not as expensive as Phase 2 and we will have to wait and see about the next phase when all her permanent teeth come in.

    Karen, She was a little excited but more nervous...she kept asking if it would hurt when they twisted her teeth. She thought the doc would twist them then put the braces on!! They are a little sore now.

  4. My granddaughter is growing up too fast!