Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Serving Him

Monday got by me without time to blog, therefore; I haven't listed my multitude of blessings this week.  Well...I'm going to start with a story that melted my heart this past week and brought me great joy.  Our family is going on a short term mission trip this coming weekend with some others from our church.  This is the first mission trip Claire and Levi have ever been on and they are quite excited.  (Actually they were too small to remember the first mission trip we took as a family.)  We will be working with some dear friends in South Louisiana who are church planters.  Our church has partnered with them financially and now we are going to be "hands on!"  The men in our group will be building a porch on a trailer that is the location of a bible study group in a large trailer park.  The ladies will be volunteering at a local festival and helping the church at their booth and wherever else we may be needed.  My daughter, Claire, told me this past week, "Mom, I am so excited about this mission trip because I have never gotten to tell anyone about Jesus!"  Talk about melt your heart....if that doesn't....I don't know what will.   I am praying that God will put someone in her path that she can share the gospel with.....she has been wearing her gospel bracelet this week in preparation.  I pray that He will give me her enthusiasm and put someone in my path too!

 Pray for her to share the Good News!

67.  excited children
68.  opportunities to serve
69.  more rain
70.  new cozy bedroom furniture
71.  hugs at school
72.  provision
73.  sweet prayer time with friends
74.  hospitable friends
75.  a day off
76.  leaves changing colors
77.  quiet time with God
78.  new faces at church
79.  retreat with girls in "my" shoes
80.  time


  1. Jana, how precious! I too will pray that she will be able to share HIM, if not in words but actions. Thanks for sharing your sweet daughter with us.

  2. A joy filled weekend ahead of the Endris proud of Claire!

  3. wow..thats so beautiful! I also need her enthusiasm! God will use you a lot Claire!!!
    God bless you all!
    Love you!

  4. Claire, watch, wait and pray. He will honor your prayer! Love & Prayers, Miss Momie