Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Football and a Field Trip

October has been a busy month!  Levi started playing flag football on the first Saturday of this month and he has loved every minute of it!  He is playing Upward at Southside Baptist Church in Mansfield and his daddy is the head coach!  They have both enjoyed it very much but will be glad when it is over.  They are driving quite a distance to get there for practice on Mondays and games on Saturdays.  It is also interfering with deer season....gasp!  Matt loves to hunt (opening day is October 30th....can't believe I know this!)  and he hasn't been able to give the time to setting up his stand, corn, and whatever else goes into hunting a deer.  These are the sacrifices we make for our children.  My month has been busy with missions and minister's wives retreat, therefore I have only seen him play once....and I was one proud mama!  Here is a glimpse of the game.

#5 on the field....# 1 in my heart

Levi and his friend, David

Levi's team ready to run out of the tunnel.

Prayer time before the game.

Field Trip

Levi also went on his first field trip this month to Papa Simpson's Farm in Arcadia, La.  His class experienced a "day on the farm" by feeding animals,
planting corn, and picking pumpkins. 
A fun time was had by all!

Mrs. Colvin's Class

 Holding a baby chick.

 Petting a kid.

 Talking to Wilbur.

 Bottle feeding a calf.

Howdy partner....what you think about all this farmin' business?

 Milking a cow.

 Planting corn in a dust bowl. (No rain in 3 months)

 Papa Simpson and Farmer Levi

 The perfect pumpkin picked to end a perfect day!


  1. What great photos! What a special time!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. You have a lovely blog my friend.

    I've so enjoyed looking at your blog. Your family is so adorable, and so precious!!

    Praying for you as you prayerful walk through your 'being'. :-)