Monday, November 1, 2010

A Season of Thanksgiving

Didn't we just celebrate New Years??  I can hardly believe that it is already November 1st!!  I love this time of the year and the season of thanksgiving.   I try to make it a practice to be thankful year round, but I tend to focus on it more leading up to the Thanksgiving Holiday.  I love the holiday season and time spent with family.  My children were thrilled this morning when they woke up and I informed them that in THREE weeks we get a whole week off from school!  Woohoo!  We love to sleep in and be as lazy as possible during the holdiays.  Hopefully, we will make some wonderful memories this month.  

Thanking God today for:

successful fall fest
promise of more rain and cooler temps
transparency of a friend
a get away with my husband this coming weekend
a new Christian's growth and excitement
missions report from men in our church

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  1. Jana don't know how I missed your post, but I did. Yes, we are looking forward to coming that way in about three weeks. Maybe we can snatch a few minutes together, while I'm at Momie's and go over blogging.