Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Friends + Family = FUN

Thanksgiving Break proved to be loads of FUN as we spent most of our time with friends and family.

My BFF, Candace, and I spent the Saturday before Thanksgiving shopping on front street in Natchitoches.  Our times together are few and far between but we always pick up where we left off and enjoy our precious time together.  She is the sister I never had.

"Good friends are like stars...you don't always see them, but you know they are always there!"

This is the home where all of my childhood memories live.
  On Tuesday, the children and I went to my parents home to help celebrate my dad's birthday and prepare for Thanksgiving Day.  It is always an adventure for the kids to spend time at Nana and Papa's house in the country and I love to see them make memories with my parents!

On Wednesday, my dad celebrated his 70th birthday in style.  We baked his favorite German Chocolate Cake and helped him eat it.  He helped us prepare the house for the guests that would arrive later that evening and Thursday morning.  Mom and I were in the kitchen ALL DAY!  I loved spending time with her and watching her do what she loves and does best...cooking.

Isn't that the largest cast iron skillet you have ever seen?  She was preparing for two dressings.  One spicy dressing cooked in the pig on the grill and the other not so spicy chicken dressing cooked in the oven. 

This is what the children did while we cooked.  Dad made this big bouy into a swing and they love it!  Their cousin, Sarah, came over to play.

Thursday morning dawned and all 48 of our guests began to arrive.  We had family from my mom's side of the family as well as my dad's mother's side of the family.  It was quite a reunion.

My dad's brother and his family.

My paternal grandmother sister and her family.

My paternal grandmother's niece and her family.

My maternal grandmother, my uncle and brother.

The children spent much of their time toolin' around on the golf cart.

Couchon de lait with dressing = hmm, hmm good

The feast!


After filling our bellies, we strolled across the road to see the horses and even took a ride!

After a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with the family, these sweet friends picked me up at 4:00am on Friday morning and we spent the day fellowshiping and shopping!  It was a blast!

This was one Thanksgiving I won't forget! 


  1. I haven't heard the word toolin' around in sooooo long! I don't even remember where. But, you brought back memories. Girl, how far south were you???? We don't do the pig thingey where I'm from! Just picking. Thanks for your sweet comment - enjoyed visiting Monday night.

  2. Gosh, looked like fun I miss yall, and tell Matt thanks so much for all he done Mom would have been proud. I Love U all.

  3. Great post and pictures! Wish we could have been there, too :)

  4. Thanks sweet friend! I love you and treasure our time together. :)