Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bed & Breakfast Capital

.....of Louisiana is Natchitoches (Nack-a-tish).  Natchitoches is the name of the Parish where my family lives. (La. is the only state in the U.S. to be divided by parishes instead of counties due to our Catholic heritage.)   It is also the name of the largest city within our parish.  It is famous for being the filming location of the popular movie from the 90's called "Steel Magnolias" and it is also know for it's Christmas Festival of Lights.  It really is a quaint, perky little town that we love.  

Matt and I were given a gift certificate to one of the B&B's in town (that we had never heard about) and to one of our favorite seafood and steak restaurants, Mariner's.  This was given to us for pastor appreciation and it was a much needed gift!!  We delivered our children to the grandparents and began a delightful and relaxed weekend at the Cane River Guesthouse.  We had the whole beautiful house to ourselves and enjoyed kicking our feet up and doing NOTHING!!  If you are looking for a vacation destination where you can relax, check out Natchitoches and give us a call when you get here!

The Guesthouse

Gazebo with Hot Tub overlooking Cane River

Beautiful Cane River
Living Room


Master Bedroom

My hunky date

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  1. Did you know that our 6th great grandfather, Louis Juchereau de St. Denis, was the man who founded Natchitoches?
    The "begat" trail goes like this:

    Louis Juchereau de St. Denis begat Marie des Neiges Juchereau de St. Denis
    Marie des Neiges Juchereau de St. Denis begat Marie Josephe Damasene de Soto
    Marie Josephe Damasene de Soto begat Denis Ortego
    Denis Ortego begat Athanase Ortego
    Athanase Ortego begat Edmond Ortego Sr.
    Edmond Ortego Sr. begat Lloyd Ortego
    Lloyd Ortego begat Carolyn Ortego
    Carolyn Ortego begat Jana Endris