Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Day

This post is a little late in coming, but I couldn't let Christmas go without posting about the day itself!  As you can tell from my previous post, I LOVE tradition and we have quite a few for Christmas. 

On Christmas Eve, we read the Christmas Story as a family, take a quick picture, track Santa and set out the milk and cookies before being tucked snug in our beds.  This year, Levi was able to read the story to us and was very fluent in doing so.  I'm very proud of the reader he is becoming in first grade.  After the story, it took several tries before getting the Christmas Eve pic we desired. Claire left a special note to Santa from her and Levi with the milk and cookies.  We tracked Santa using Norad and realized he was traveling VERY fast and that we needed to get in bed ASAP!!

The True Meaning of Christmas!

Santa LOVES egg nog at our house!

My children have been known to sleep in on Christmas morning which makes this momma very happy!  But....this year, Claire came to my bedside at 5:30 and says, "Mom, do you think Santa has had time to get to our house?"  My reply, "Probably, but lets wait until Levi wakes up."  She tossed and turned for the next hour waiting for her brother to wake up. When I couldn't take it anymore, I suggested we go wake him up.  He woke up very quickly when he realized Santa had come and we made our way to the living room to see what he left.  Claire remarked later that she didn't know why they couldn't wake up this early on school mornings.....I wonder the same thing myself!!

 For the first time ever, I hosted Christmas Dinner at my house and enjoyed having my parents, brothers, nieces and nephews, and in-laws over to celebrate Jesus' birthday and carry out another tradition...baking a cake (or cupcakes) and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus. 

My parents

Levi read The Christmas Story to our whole family!  The picture Bible he is reading from was a gift to Matt from his childrens church leader, Mrs. Farrar.  She wrote in the front, "Reward for quoting the 23Ps. word perfect and perfect attendance.  Lord bless you, Matt!"  She was instrumental in leading Matt to faith in Christ and I pray that her legacy will continue as our family reads through this picture Bible this year.  Mrs. Farrar went home to be with Jesus the day after Christmas!

We ended the night roasting marshmallows to make smores!!  A new tradition perhaps?


  1. Enjoyed looking at the fun filled Christmas pictures. Nathan said to tell Levi & Claire he enjoyed seeing the smores pics.

  2. Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us, literally, and on this blog. Grammy and I had a wonderful time and would not take anything for the memories.

  3. I loved reading about your Christmas, so good to pics of all your family, too. Your folks haven't changed a bit. And Jared ( sp?) still looks he did in college. What is his secret? Ha!