Monday, January 17, 2011


Well...I'm picking back up where I left off in November with counting my blessings!  Not that I haven't been counting them....but I haven't been writing them down and that makes such a difference!  So here goes..

wonderful day of worship
a day at home with the family in memory of MLK
miraculous healing of a friend
answered prayer
N.O. Seminary dedication at LCIW
fun on the Senior Adult field trip

a youth minister
homemade hot chocolate on a cold, rainy day

a new year...fresh start
parents with servant's hearts

I will praise the Lord at all times; His praise will always be on my lips.  
Psalm 34:1

I'm linking up with the others in the Gratitude Community @ a holy experience.


  1. Enjoyed reading your thankfulness :). Just wondering what in the world you sweet ladies were doing in the top picture? Loved seeing familiar faces.

  2. Hey Karen! We were cleaning corn to grind cornmeal. My dad has a grist mill and we took a field trip to their house to grind our own cornmeal. It was an enjoyable experience.

  3. PaPa & I would have loved that! We had cornbread and milk for supper last night ~ thanks to your sweet mom and dad! The sweet potatoes at lunch were scrumptious, too.

  4. I love that you have parents with servants hearts. Those of us who do find ourselves desiring to shelter, give, serve on a consistant basis. It's a gift that will follow us through out our lives.

    Blessings on you as your continue your grateful journey.