Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Homework Stinks!!!

I know it is necessary, but it is not fun!  I never knew it would be sooo hard having two children doing SERIOUS homework every night.  As a former teacher, I apologize to all of my parents and students for ever overloading you with homework.  I would definitely revamp my homework strategy and make Wednesday night...Family Night.  Our family struggles to get home, get a snack, finish math, spelling and reading, study for AWANA, attend AWANA, bathe and get to bed at a decent hour!!  Whew!  I'm tired just thinking about it.  Anyway....these are just the thoughts of a weary, worn out mom after doing several hours of homework!!   


  1. GIRL!!!! Don't get me started. I am SO over homework I could scream!!! Let's boycott it...think we'll go to jail?? Might be worth it. ;) Love and miss you!

  2. Just wish I could get mine to bring his homework home. He says he don't have any. Just not on his priority list, other things are at the top.