Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Will Never Forget

 Nine years ago today, my world was rocked!  I was pregnant with my first child and teaching first grade at Winnfield Primary School.  I can remember the knock on my door and the hall conference that quickly took place as I was informed that one of the towers of the World Trade Center had been hit by an airplane.  I remember the chills that ran across my body and the prayer that I prayed.  At this point, we weren't sure what was happening but minutes later when the second tower was hit we knew we had been attacked.  I remember the sick feeling that I felt and the tears that fell as I called my husband who was at home watching it all on television.  I remember saying that I didn't want to raise a child in the world that we were living in because I was scared.  Despite my fears, I remember that God is in CONTROL!  I remember The Pentagon and the heroes on Flight 93.  I remember going through the motions to finish that day at school and get home to the ones I love.  I remember the way our church family bonded together to pray at Atlanta Baptist Church.  I remember watching the news and reading the stories of men and women, boys and girls that had been affected by this awful event.  I remember feeling like I knew them personally and my heart breaking.  I remember our soldiers being called to war and going to protect our freedom.  I remember  almost seven years later my brother was one of those soldiers!  I will always remember, I will never forget!  
God Bless that I love.


  1. This is beautiful, Jana. Thanks for sharing it with us :)

  2. Jana,
    Thanks for sharing; yes, I too remember the day vividly. I was sitting at my desk in the church office. Bro. Steven wife, Tammie, called and told us. Those in the church office immediately joined together and started praying.
    I too will never forget my prayer and hope to never forget the tragedy.
    IN HIM,