Monday, September 6, 2010

Multitude Mondays

I have recently joined the Gratitude Community at @ Holy Experience and am excited about counting my blessings on Multitude Mondays!  God has been so faithful to me and I want to give Him praise for all the big and small gifts he gives me daily.  My goal....One Thousand Gifts!!  Have you counted your blessings lately?

1.   His salvation
2.   faithful husband (to the Lord and to me)
3.   healthy children
4.   roof over my head
5.   daughter's sensitive heart
6.   son's sweet giggles
7.   loving church family
8.   the sound of my parent's voice on the phone
9.   Friday night visit with my BFF and her family
10. rainbows on the way to PTO meeting
 my daughter took this pic while I was driving

 11. cooler temps
12.  azaleas in the late summer
 taken on 9/4/2010

 13.  hummingbirds filling up for winter

14.  Quiet time
15.  Long weekend
16.  fields of snow white cotton


  1. Oh, Jana so glad you joined! The fields of white cotton make me long for home and brings tears to my eyes. I bet I know right where that pic was taken. It truly is a a blessing being a part of the Gratitude Community. You are constantly looking and becoming more aware of things (important things).
    See ya,

  2. Jana,
    You and your family are one of our gifts!

  3. Karen...I've wanted to do this ever since you started and finally jumped in!! I could have kept going and going..but for times sake I stopped. I am noticing my blessings more everyday.
    Mommee...I love you! I've learned so much from you and Papa and am thankful for our relationship.

  4. You guys are such a blessing to us! Love you!

  5. Thanks, Candace! Love you and thankful for our friendship! BTW...I love my card!